Life Coaching in Witney

Are you so busy with your ‘to do’ list you forgot to make time for you?

Overwhelmed with things to do? No time for the people you love?
Are you unsure where your life is going?
Do you want to make changes, but aren’t sure where to start?

Is your work life balance dream turning into a nightmare? When you’re stuck in a rut it’s easy to feel like you never have time for anything else.

You want more freedom in your life, yet you’re busier than ever. Maybe stress in your work life is spilling over and affecting things at home. On the surface, everything’s going well, but something is missing…

Life coaching can help you to create more quality time and space in your life. You can regain your focus and make your dreams a reality. Stop procrastinating and take action to create a life you love.

I help my clients create work life harmony. We can work out what you really want from your work, life and relationships, and how to make things better. Whether you’re overwhelmed, feeling stuck or uncertain about the future, life coaching can help.

Are you are ready to make positive changes in your life? Are you ready to stop your life from running you, and turn things around? I offer 1-1 Life Coaching in Witney and Oxford, or online via Skype.

1-1 Coaching fees 

My fees start at £60 for an hour’s coaching. Why not follow the link below to book a free, no obligation Skype coaching call with me first, to find out more about how coaching can help you.

6 Week Coaching Package

If you want to go further into finding your work life harmony, I offer a 6 week coaching package where we can dig deeper into what work/life harmony means to you and how you can create your ideal lifestyle.

Together we can work on;

-Improving your work life. Find what you really want to do.
-Managing your time.
-Beating procrastination and getting things done.
-Improving your relationships with family and friends.
-Creating a life outside of work.
-Growing your confidence and self esteem

Or anything else that’s blocking you from creating a life you love.

This 6 week course costs £300 and will include email support inbetween sessions. I offer in person Life Coaching in Witney and Oxford. Alternatively coaching can take place online via Skype.

To book a complimentary Skype call, click the link below.

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