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Time Management & Stress Reduction Tips For Home Workers

Working from home is great, you can choose your own hours (most of the time) and get more done than if you had to travel to an office. You can work around family commitments and be there when you’re loved ones need you. So why does it feel like time is running away from you Read More

Happy New Year

How To Make New Years Resolutions (and keep them).

Planning any New Years Resolutions? Over the Christmas Holiday we spend time with family and friends, sharing memories and planning for the year ahead. January 1st seems like a fresh start. The New Year awaits, full of new opportunities. We all make plans to be richer, thinner, fitter, healthier – and other words ending in Read More


How to get back on track when your dreams get derailed. (Or life after hearing loss.)

You have a plan. It’s going to be great. The stars seem to be aligning and everything you wanted is within your sights. Then the rug gets pulled out from beneath your feet, sending you spiraling away, to far away it seems for anything to be the same again. I was always determined to be Read More


“You can’t do this”, and other lies from your inner voice.

“You can’t do this on your own” He was shaking his head sadly, his face sincere and full of concern. “Really, you can’t” Was I about to attempt to swim across an ocean? Climb K2? No. I was on a marketing webinar being upsold some training. I didn’t buy it. There was nothing wrong with Read More

Add an hour to your day

How to create an extra hour in your day (without losing sleep)

Is there never enough time in the day? Do you always feel like you’re rushing from one task or chore to another, in a race with the clock to get everything done? The problem is, there will always be more stuff to do, it’s endless. Not to mention daily commitments and trying to grab a Read More


Dealing with stress as an entrepreneur

There is a small knot in your stomach which won’t go away, it makes you crave junk food but all you get in return is heartburn. There is a tenseness in your shoulders which sometimes spreads to your neck, giving you a headache. Occasionally it moves to your ribcage, and makes you feel like the Read More


How to love your job

When was the last time you told someone that you love your job? Recently? Congratulations! Many people feel bogged down in a job they hate. If you are hearing about other peoples great careers or their flexible work life whilst you are slogging away to make ends meet it’s very disheartening. The average working day Read More